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Multi-layered decision making for optimum yield

3D Analysis creates variable rate input plans


Variable Rate - Nutrition

Using data alongside agronomist and grower knowledge, Omnia can create variable rate application plans for Nutrition, Seed and Potato Cyst Nematode

Leading agronomic accuracy

To fully gain from the potential of precision farming, we believe in using a multilayer approach

Greater Productivity

Greater Productivity

Better informed variable rate seed and product applications enable every part of the field to be as productive as possible

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Omnia makes it possible to switch to a more integrated farm management approach

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability

Omnia’s services are designed and proven in the field to boost farm efficiency for lower costs, improved yields and greater profit

Michael Baker

P&A Services, Bourne, Lincolnshire

The first crop we variably drilled was a crop of Propino, in spring 2017 and despite my initial surprise by how high the seed rate was we got a very even crop which was also our highest yielding crop of spring barley ever, at 7.6t/ha.

Working with my agronomist Andrew Buckberry, maps for each field were created from satellite imagery, within Omnia. Maps of soil type, weed and slug pressure were overlaid on top of each other, and used to create a variable drilling plan. This spring we were asked if we wanted to trial the new Connect app, which would allow us to streamline the process and simplify the transfer of files using an iPad. It’s been so simple to use, Andrew can send me the maps straight to the iPad, I get in the cab and that’s it! It has completely transformed how we use the application plans.

Michael Baker Testimonial

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