Omnia EasyPlan Upgrade - Available Summer 2024

The world of farm management software systems is changing…

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What makes Omnia a standalone farm management system?

Omnia with the EasyPlan upgrade allows you to do even more than before, including spray plans, managing stock and assigning tasks.

A British system for British farmers

Omnia is developed in the UK by our team of industry experts and agronomists.

What can I do using Omnia?

Which Omnia subscription level is right for me?

There are three subscription levels for Omnia, and you can even try it for free.

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Greater Productivity

Greater productivity

Properly informed variable rate seed and product applications enable every part of the field to be as productive as possible

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

Omnia makes it possible to switch to a more integrated approach to farm management - enabling environmental and economic sustainability

Increased Profitability

Increased profitability

Omnia’s services have been specifically designed and proven in the field to boost farm efficiency for reduced costs, improved yields and greater profit

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