Omnia E-Seed

Convert your land wheel drill to variable rate with Omnia E-Seed.

It pays for itself in a season!

Omnia E-Seed is the first variable rate drill conversion kit that simply and efficiently converts a standard land metered drill to variable rate, without the cost of a new machine.

You can recoup the costs of Omnia E-Seed in just 48ha, working on a 0.6t/ha improvement using a variable approach.

How it works

  • The Omnia E-Seed kit can be fitted to virtually any seed drill irrespective of age.
  • A motor bolts on and replaces the land wheel.
  • The sensors fit into the same locations on the original drill.
  • All control is via an iPad app.

Once variable rate plans are uploaded from Omnia, they can be sent wirelessly to the iPad.

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