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Task Management with Field Diary and Phone App

Manage tasks on farm with Omnia

Field Diary allows you to view and log field inspections that have been made throughout the season.

Field Diary also helps with traceability and record keeping.

With Field Diary you can:

  • Plan tasks in a farm map
  • View tasks in a calendar
  • Use the tasks section specifically for operators
  • Access a map view of what fields in a task are completed or outstanding
  • Store and view crop pictures

Stock Level Management

Easily manage stock and streamline orders with your spray recommendation plans in Omnia

Use the easy and interactive function to:

  • Mark store locations on a field map
  • Manage stock levels and orders
  • Get an alert when pesticides are nearing their end of usage window
  • Produce reports and inventories

Multiple users can use the Stock Management tool at any time.

Financial Performance

Explore the financial performance of a field in Omnia

Use yield and variable application maps to build a greater understanding than ever before.

The business planning tools allow you to focus on the areas where you can make the biggest difference, assess alternative cropping and reduce risk.

Field performance mapping

Compare and analyse yield maps from different years and crops in Omnia. Create a Field Performance map that is easy to understand.

Cost of production mapping

Omnia enables you to identify the poorest and best performing areas of a field quickly and easily.

Create average cost of production maps by crop, market outlet, variety or by field using known or predicted costs, with known or predicted yields.

Spray Plans and Recommendations

Efficient recommendations that streamline into stock management and spray plans

  • Automatic spray plans
  • Task operators by plan and date
  • Manage stock levels
  • Checked with new, advanced HALO audit system

HALO Auditing Database

Pesticide audit reassurance with our HALO system

Audited spray plans with our bespoke HALO crop protection database available through Omnia Business Manager.

  • Uses industry standard regulatory data
  • Checked and enhanced daily by our in-house experts
  • Additional assurance with spray recommendations written by our agronomists

Nutrient and Manure Management

Meet the Rules for Water and ease the burden of NVZ regulations with Omnia

Nutrient Planning

Create a nutrient management plan for the entire growing season in Omnia, including whole field nutrition planning to help manage optimum uptake.

Regular soil sampling can be included for:

  • P, K and N
  • Mg and S
  • Organic Matter
  • pH
  • Cation exchange capacity
  • Micronutrients

Manure Planning

Any farm with livestock or that brings in manures or organic waste must have an annually updated Manure Management Plan.

Manage your planning seamlessly in Omnia with:

  • A risk map
  • Farm limit
  • Field limit
  • Storage
  • Imports and exports

Maps and Satellite Imagery

Omnia’s map function is easy to use

Omnia makes monitoring and planning on farm quick and simple.

The filters in Omnia allow you to layer maps for a deeper look at farm and business performance.

Whether you are looking to monitor crop development and health, create variable N plans or scout fields, Omnia Satellite Imagery has you covered.

Use Omnia to create maps that record:

  • Slug and weed pressure
  • Drainage
  • Pictures
  • Environmental features
  • Trial plots
  • Drone imagery
  • Tracks and field access points
  • Buffer zones
  • Irrigation equipment

Variable Seed Rate Plans

Create seed rate maps in Omnia that meet the requirements of your fields

Crop establishment often varies across a field. With Omnia you can optimise the seed rate for each area of the field based on the drilling date, target plant population, and other information such as:

  • Soil type
  • Weed pressure
  • Seedbed condition
  • Slug and weed pressure

By overlaying various maps and data, you and your agronomist can produce an accurate and targeted seed rate plan for any field.

Learn about Omnia E-Seed

Variable Nutrition Plans

Apply fertiliser only where it is needed with a targeted nutrition plan created in Omnia

You can compare historical grid and zonal sampling data with the latest analysis to calculate the crop demand accurately and cost-effectively.

  • Increase applications to low or high biomass areas
  • Use with both liquid and solid fertilisers
  • Compliance with Rules for Water
  • Nmax calculations

Build knowledge of the soil’s nutritional levels across the field by uploading soil sample results into Omnia. Soil samples can be collected by you, by us as part of the Omnia service, or by a third party.

Pest and Disease Models

Use Omnia to help manage the risk of pests and diseases using models and historic data:

  • Wheat diseases
  • Barley diseases
  • Lodging risk
  • BYDV
  • Potato blight
  • Scab
  • PCN
  • Hops Downy Mildew
  • Spotted wing drosophila
  • Codling moth
  • Blackcurrant gall mite

Climate and Weather

Get 10-day weather forecasts for your farm or fields

Get forecasts that are accurate to 1 km2 of a virtual weather station.

  • Long term weather trends
  • Soil temperature and moisture charts
  • Crop growth stage modelling
  • Pest and disease forecasting
  • Wind speed and solar hours

You can place several stations across your holding. Fields can be associated with individual stations.


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