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As agronomists and professional advisors we are continually investigating new technologies and working practices to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

That’s why we developed Omnia, to tie together the newest technologies with expert insight to help growers improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability. By targeting agronomy at its core, Omnia makes it easier than ever for growers and agronomists to access and interpret their information to make management decisions.

Focussed on Integration & Compatibility

The central idea behind Omnia was to create a platform which could host, manage and inform, rather than just store data, putting the user in control. As a result, we decided early on to adopt an open approach, developing Omnia to connect to other cloud-based systems so that all data sources could be utilised. Omnia has a number of import and export features to transfer data with a wide range of machines and platforms. It can be accessed on-line from any device, making it very practical for making changes.

While Omnia has been designed for self-reliance, it can also be operated by an agronomist or advisor, and can be used for whole-field or precision management.

Realising the Potential of Precision Farming

To fully realise the potential of precision farming, we believe in a multi-layered approach; this means taking a raft of information, beginning with the soil and then adding layers of data from a variety of sources, to enable intelligent and informed decision making on the full range of variable applications.

We’ve specifically designed Omnia to enable agronomists and growers to work together for the first time at this sub-field level, in the same way that they have worked together for many years on a whole field basis.

Omnia Expert Agronomists

Operating across the UK, our agronomists are fully competent in Omnia and are able to support clients as part of our Omnia services, working with you to pair your farm knowledge with our expertise in precision agronomy.

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