Hutchinsons explores radar satellite images for Omnia – AgriTrade News

Hutchinsons is partnering with French satellite imagery start-up SpaceSense to explore improvements to its Omnia precision agriculture platform ...

Omnia already uses SpaceSense satellite data to provide real-time information on crop health, chlorophyll levels and stress monitoring alongside soil and carbon sequestration.

But the next challenge is how to collect crop data in cloudy conditions. “Cloud cover is the main issue of optical satellite imagery.” explains SpaceSense co-founder Jyotsna Budideti. “If the satellite passes when there is a cloud, you can’t get your image. This problem is especially important in the UK, where there are on average 3 times less images than in Italy due to cloud.”

SpaceSense has created a new radar satellite technology – Beyond Cloud – to “see” through cloud cover and provide above-ground crop biomass information under any weather conditions. The innovation can provide an image every two days on average – or 150 images a year – which is six times more than “traditional” optical satellite imagery systems in the UK.

Hutchinsons will be evaluating this new technology on crops such as barley, wheat and oilseed rape throughout the UK this year.

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