Financial Performance

Quickly and easily identify both the poorest and best performing areas of a field and costs of production

Field Performance Mapping

Growers have been creating yield maps for over 20 years but they have been barely used. This is because the results from one year can be skewed by many factors and until now it has been difficult to make yield comparisons from one year to the next.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis within Omnia has changed this and it is now possible to compare and analyse yield maps for different years and different crops to produce a meaningful and easy to understand Field Performance map.

This Field Performance map identifies areas that are both consistent and inconsistent in their performance and the areas that have a good and a poor output. This gives greater confidence of the consistency in yield variation across the field.

In this way, management decisions can be made based on this sub-field information; it may be that an area of the field has shown up to be potentially inconsistent, so it may not be worth pushing this area until the cause of inconsistency is understood, however, another more consistent area but with lower potential could be worth investing in.

Cost of Production Mapping

The importance of properly calculating the cost of crop production might seem obvious, but the variation in output across a field and the increasing use of variable input applications mean that some elements of cost of production may be misleading when done on a field scale.

Where growers have variable inputs or yield map data, it makes sense that they want to manage crops and costs on a more site-specific basis…

Omnia allows growers to quickly and easily identify both the poorest and best performing areas of a field, providing the opportunity to make management decisions based on this sub-field information.

Using Omnia, growers are able to create average cost of production information by crop, market outlet, variety or by field using known or predicted costs, with known or predicted yields.

Costs based upon industry standards allow a quick and easy snapshot of individual site performance, but for those that have more detailed cost information, this can be easily adopted to show much more detailed information bespoke to the individual farming business.

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