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Unlock Your Data Potential

At Omnia, we’re dedicated to helping farmers make the most of their data. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Omnia Access – a 100% free service designed to be the ideal starting point for anyone looking to make better use of their farm data.

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Custom Farm Maps at Zero Cost

Omnia Access empowers you to create customized maps of your farm within Omnia’s advanced software. Use a wide range of innovative tools, all at no cost to you.

Test Drive Omnia with Your Existing Mapping Data

Already have mapping data from another system?
Explore Omnia Access to see if it matches or surpasses your current mapping service.

Import your data for free and discover the benefits. If you’re impressed and ready to take the next step in precision farming, upgrade to Omnia Precision for access to:

Accurate Weather Data

No need to invest in a weather station. With Omnia Access, we’ve developed an innovative solution that aggregates data from nearby stations. This data is then processed using specialized algorithms to provide a highly accurate range of insights for your specific location, including:

  • A 5-day weather forecast
  • Current weather conditions and rainfall
  • Indicative growth models for wheat and barley

Enhance your farming with Omnia Access and experience data-driven agriculture like never before!

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