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Omnia Connect is a cost-effective solution designed to streamline precision farming.

Omnia Connect is a cost-effective solution designed to streamline precision farming. The iPad app not only allows you to send variable application maps from Omnia to the field but also controls your spreader, sprayer, or drill.

This cost-effective solution enhances precision farming, providing better control and improved efficiency.

Omnia Connect is compatible with a wide range of machinery, including Amazone, KRM, Kuhn, Vaderstad, Horsch, Mzuri, Sky, RDS, and more.

You can now use the Omnia Connect app with Vaderstad E-Services drills, enabling seamless transfer of variable rate drilling plans from Omnia or third-party systems.

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Case Study: Nick Wilson – Hunday Field Farm, Grafton, York

Nick Wilson believes precision farming is the future for UK agriculture.

“There is no doubt that the current government agenda is focused around precision farming and if we want to stay in the game, we need to be current and ahead of the curve.”

Nick used the Omnia precision system to variably drill his spring crops on the recommendation of his agronomist, Sam Hugill. He was particularly interested in the Connect app’s promise of efficient data transfer from the desk to the field.

What People Say

Case Study: Michael Baker – P& A Services, Bourne, Lincolnshire

“The first crop we variably drilled was a crop of Propino, in spring 2017 and despite my initial surprise by how high the seed rate was, we got a very even crop which was also our highest yielding crop of spring barley ever, at 7.6t/ha.”

Working with his agronomist Andrew Buckberry, maps for each field were created from satellite imagery, within Omnia. “Maps of soil type, weed and slug pressure were overlaid on top of each other, and used to create a variable drilling plan.”

“This spring we were asked if we wanted to trial the new Connect app, which would allow us to streamline the process and simplify the transfer of files using an iPad.”

It’s been so simple to use, says Michael. “Andrew can send me the maps straight to the iPad, I get in the cab and that’s it! “

What People Say

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