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Tailored to your needs

All Omnia Field Manager services are tailored to suit the individual farm requirements. Every service consists of a complete set of reports that clearly show the cropping plan for the field, soil analysis results, nutrient & fertiliser requirements for each field, along with the necessary NMAX calculations.

We recognise that not all farms have the technology for precision farming but they still want to optimise their use of manures and fertilisers. Omnia Field Manager services have been designed with this in mind, to provide industry-leading advice without the requirement for precision farming technology.

Nutrient Planning

By helping growers to target appropriate applications of crop inputs for each area of the field, thereby meeting the crop’s optimum requirements, Omnia is able to deliver unrivalled environmental sustainability.

These services provide farmers with a complete nutrient management plan for the growing season to ensure that the crops are able to reach their yield potential in the most sustainable way, whilst ensuring that legislation is complied with.

Manure Management Planning

Any farm that either has livestock or imports manures or organic waste is required to have a Manure Management Plan, which is updated annually. This plan details:

  • Numbers of any livestock that are on the holding and the nitrogen they produce
  • How manures and slurries are stored
  • Detailed risk maps showing where manures are stored and where manures can and can’t be spread.

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