Omnia Business Manager with Ben Hollis

Ben Hollis explains why he decided to start using Omnia Business Manager and how it's changing the way he farms

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“Over the first four or five years when I came back to the farm we pretty much did everything the same as everyone else and we just felt we had to find a better way of doing it.”, Ben Hollis – Cottesmore, Rutland

Ben’s first attempt was to use a blanket approach right across the farm to try and improve levels in general. However, after implementation he felt that the cropping on certain fields had plateaued, which convinced him he needed to start using a precision approach, looking at soil condition in a bit more depth.

“I’ve chosen to go down the Omnia route as it’s all part of the Hutchinsons group, everything then will work and the information will transfer across seamlessly. By using Omnia we’ll be able to fine tune monitor everything that’s happening. Anything that comes up we can respond to it in a short space of time, and this ultimately should lead to better yields and a better bottom line.”


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Omnia Business Manager with Ben Hollis -

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