Variable Rate Nutrition with Jim Liddiard

Jim Liddiard of Blackwood Farming Company explains how his team use Omnia and the benefits he's seen from Variable Rate

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Having recently started using Omnia, Jim Liddiard of Blackwood Farming Company outlines how he has started using Omnia to set up and manage variable rate Nitrogen applications, and the benefits he’s seen so far.

“So, we apply nitrogen in a prilled form in a hopper on the back of the tractor. We have section control on that machine so we spread at 24 metres and the information coming from Omnia will basically turn the hopper on and off so it’ll turn the shutters on and off and only spread where it’s needed.”, explains Jim.

Since taking on Omnia, Jim Liddiard and the rest of Blackwood Farming Company have found they are doing a lot differently to how they were before. “There’s some things that haven’t changed, they’ve just got more precise. So we might be using similar products, but we’re using less of them and they’re more targeted.”

Also, since the team have started using Omnia they have found that they are using software a lot more because it’s so user friendly. “I’ve got it on my phone, tablet and in the office, you spend 5 minutes having a quick look at something that you might not have done previously.”

“Since we’ve been using Omnia I’ve noticed a lot of benefits, but one that stands out this season is we used variable rate application of N for the main dose and the last dose. And as a result of that we’ve carried 30 tonnes (of N) through to next season, and given the current pricing we’re quite happy with that.”


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