Managing Inputs and Field Profit Margins with Matthew Traves

Matthew of R & SJ Pickering explains how he has started using Omnia to help keep better track of inputs

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Matthew Traves of R & SJ Pickering, a mixed farm contracting business based near Alford Lincolnshire with 250Ha arable land, explains how he has started using Omnia to help keep better track of inputs and field profit margins.

Six months into using Omnia, Matthew has found Omnia to be very intuitive and easy to use. An example of this is how Omnia makes it very easy to access the very accurate information available from telematics on the combine, with yield maps imported straight in.

Making use of Omnia’s Silo Features

A feature they have found particularly handy is the silo features.

Millie Taylor, Digital Services Specialist, has helped Matt to set up his Omnia account and now provides on-going support explains that the combine automatically sends the yield data over to Omnia where it will calculate the amount of each variety in the shed. From there they write down any sales / exports of the crop they have, what kind of sale it is (forward or spot) and the quantity as well as price they got for it. All of this then links into the business module where it tells them how much they’ve made and what varieties have done the best for future preferences.

They use the scout app to update their field diaries whenever they’re in the field, with operators using the scout app to assign costs to each field and operation

As soon as a field is combined, the yield is imported directly into Omnia from the combine – as easy and simple as it can possibly be!

Matthew also uses Omnia for working out nutrient intake and for working out nutrient plans. Being all liquid fertiliser, the ability to track what they need to order and when is extremely handy.

In the future, they plan to move to variable rate application.


Learn more about Variable Rate with Omnia HERE


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